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AnyOption Binary Options Broker Review



After being formed in 2008, AnyOption quickly became an early pioneer of the binary options trading industry. This leading broker is regulated by CySEC and the FSA, with offices based in Cyprus.

AnyOption serves hundreds of thousands of global investors across 40 countries. With this said, let’s dive right into this fair, honest and unbiased AnyOption broker review.

AnyOption Payouts

The payout returns given for successful trades range anywhere from 65% to 71%, which is around the industry average.

But one positive aspect that comes with trading under the AnyOption payout structure is that they guarantee traders a 15% return of the wagered amount on trades that expire out of the money. So even if you lose a few trades, you don’t lose everything.

And while AnyOption’s payouts may not be the largest, they give traders a safety net to fall back on. The minimum deposit required for trading with AnyOption is $100.

Available Assets

AnyOption offers traders an incredible array of assets. They currently offer 140 different tradable assets covering a broad range of markets.

Their available assets include:

Currency options that include the major USD, GBP and some EUR cross currencies.

Indices for US, Europe, Asian and even Middle Eastern markets.

Commodity options that include Gold, Natural Gas, Oil and Silver.

Stock options covering US, Europe and Asian markets.

Types of Trading

AnyOption offers a few new unique ways to trade binary options through their platform. They offer traditional high or low options with shorter expiry times, One Touch options, Bubble options, Option+, Dynamic options, and long term options. Their newest ways to trade include Dynamic and Bubble options.

So what are they and how do they work?

Well, Bubble options allows traders to use their mouse cursor to create a shape on the graph of the selected asset. When a shape is drawn, AnyOption gives the possible payout return. There is no time expiry for Bubble options.

Instead, the price of the asset must “Pop” the bubble that was drawn. According to AnyOption themselves, payouts can go up to 1000%! Whether the bubble is small or large, this is a new and exciting way to make money trading binary options.

Dynamic options are similar to contracts offered by other brokers. Through Dynamic options, a set level is given. Traders must wager whether or not they believe the price of the asset will expire above or below the given price level within the given time frame.

The further away the level is from price, the higher the payout returns. But unlike traditional binary options, Dynamic options allows traders to close out of their position whenever they wish, so profits can be captured and losses can be minimized at will.

These types of binary options trades are generally used by the more experienced traders. But whatever the skill level, AnyOption is definitely a binary options broker that stands out from its competitors in more ways than one.