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Dukascopy Review


Dukascopy is a long standing Forex brokerage firm primarily based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 2004. Unlike other major Forex brokers, Dukascopy specializes in not just providing high-end trading services, but they also operate as a Swiss bank. Dukascopy is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Since Dukascopy is considered one of the largest Forex dealers in the world, it’s about time to give this broker a fair and honest review.


Dukascopy offers several different ECN accounts based on the initial deposit amount, each with their own unique benefits. Account deposits range in sizes from $100, $5,000, $100,000+, and $250,000+. $100 and $5,000 accounts get access to the SWFX technology and JForex API, which are automated and proprietary trading solutions. The biggest accounts get access to bank guarantees and third party banking services. Each customer gets a 14-day free demo platform to test their services.


Unlike other high-end Forex brokers, Dukascopy offers multiple trading platforms catering to different trading styles. Jforex is their primary trading platform, which is recommended for both manual and automated traders and is based on the JAVA programming language. JForex can be downloaded or traded on the web,and also includes iOS and Android mobile applications. In addition to this, traders can also bridge a third-party trading solution to connect to SWFX, which can be connected to MetaTrader 4.

Special Features and Services

Apart from getting access to hundreds of currency pairs and CFD’s, Dukascopy users can also trade binary options with wagers as little as $1. Dukascopy also offers a number of reward programs and automated trading solutions. Dukascopy has one of the largest databases of educational material on the web, which include trading tools, calculators, widgets, insights, indicators, and trade ideas. The firm also hosts a number of regular trading contests containing large cash prizes.


There’s an overwhelming number of things to say about Dukascopy. The only negative thing we can say about this Forex broker is the fact they don’t give out free lifelong demo accounts and their website’s  interface is somewhat cluttered. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking for a licensed, reliable Forex broker using the latest technology with a positive track record, look no further than to