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Equity Feed – The New and Complete Trading Platform Is Equity Feed

Equity Feed Review

As soon as you look at this platform you will be compelled to say “simple”. This platform is extremely user-friendly with a very simple and easy to understand user interface. This is one of the new platforms for trading and is best for stock trading. However, the features on this software can beat even the oldest and most renowned trading platforms. The filter feature of this software is amazing for new and old traders. With filter feature you can look at the stocks automatically that are meeting your mentioned criteria. You don’t have to keep on looking at the stocks that you have no interest on. Just look at the ones that interest you with powerful filter feature of Equity Feed.

Equity Feed Review

Equity Feed Review

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If you want to play safe and make sure you trade only when you can see profit coming, go for trading alerts of this software. This particular feature is very powerful on Equity Feed and it allows you to trade by giving you alerts when certain changes in the stock market are made and trading is highly recommended. Of course, no trading platform is complete unless there is a section for receiving latest news. The filtering feature has been introduced on the news section as well so you can view only the news that interest you and those that have some effect on the stocks that you are looking to trade in.

The market monitoring genius is undoubtedly a genius integrated on this software. There is nothing better than having all equity markets right in front of you in a way that you can arrange them the way you want. The decision support features are also amazing on the software. When you need in-depth analysis of a particular stock in the market you can just go for this particular montage window to see a detailed chart and graph on this stock. There is an amazing personal alert tool on the software too. This tool sends alerts to you when your favorite stocks do something that need your attention. You can also create your personal watch lists with the powerful personal watch list feature on Equity Feed.