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GigaFX Review – Does GigaFX Deliver a Complete Trading Experience as It Promises?


Do you think now is the right time for you to make some good use of your money and invest it somewhere? If yes, trading is definitely one of the best options you have. And when it comes to trading, you have look for the best online broker who you can start your trading journey with. GigaFX is one of the online brokers that promise to deliver the most complete trading experience to new and experienced traders. Now, you have to take a look at the overall features of the broker to agree or disagree to this claim. So, here is a detailed dive into all the features of GigaFX as an online broker so you can see how good your trading experience will be with this broker.

GigaFX as an Online Broker

Before you start trading, you must know that there are many different types of trading tools that you can use to trade in the financial markets. When you sign up with GigaFX, you have to keep in mind CFD trading. CFD stands for Contracts for Differences, and these derivative contracts are designed to give you access to the financial markets without ever holding ownership of the actual stock. When you access the GigaFX trading platform, this is the type of trading you will be doing. As for the online broker, it is not the oldest broker on the internet but it is definitely one of the best.

GigaFX has earned its reputation due to the features it offers. When you look at everything offered by this broker, you don’t see a difference from what other old and the biggest brokers have to offer. From a huge asset index to some of the most trader-friendly trading conditions, you get it all here when you sign up with GigaFX. It should also be mentioned here that the broker has designed its platform perfectly for new and experienced traders. Whether you have been trading for decades or it is your first time trading, you will find yourself at home once you open your account with GigaFX.

GigaFX and Security of Traders

One of the things you will notice about the biggest online brokers is that they are quite serious with the security of the traders. They have many different types of policies in place to protect the interests of their traders. All the policies designed for the safety of the traders are in place at GigaFX. First, when you deposit funds in your account, you can rest assured that your money is going into segregated accounts. In addition to that, your information is fully protected when you enter it on GigaFX. The broker has proper encryption in place so your information does not get disclosed to any snooper and stalker on the internet.

The most important things are the anti-money laundering policies and KYC policies. KYC policies are the Know Your Customer policies designed for businesses to know their customers before letting them sign up. A business can think of its own interest and let people sign up without any strict scrutiny to increase its signup and customer count. However, GigaFX has this policy in place strictly to protect its platform from being used by any fake accounts and identity thieves. Through strict scrutiny at the time of signing up, it is made sure by the broker that every piece of information provided by the customer belongs to him and him only.

At the same time, the anti-money laundering policy also ensures that people would not use GigaFX trading platform for money laundering purposes. You will notice that the signup process with GigaFX is very detailed. You will have to present some crucial pieces of information in order to prove your identity and the ownership of the account details you have provided.

GigaFX Assets for Trading

This is the area where GigaFX takes the lead from the rest of its competitors. You will see some usually appearing assets with most other online brokers. They all offer you stocks, foreign currencies, commodities, energies, etc. You get access to all of these assets when you sign up with GigaFX. However, this broker takes things a bit ahead with some more additions to the asset index. Let’s take a look at those two amazing additions.

Cannabis Stocks

Yes, as you will read in many GigaFX reviews, you can now specifically access the cannabis stocks when you sign up with GigaFX. This is something you don’t get with a lot of online brokers. Cannabis stocks make up a market that has been proving quite lucrative in the recent years. Since the laws have become clear around this herb, more and more companies are emerging from around the world that make products based on cannabis. You now have the perfect opportunity to invest in these stocks from the GigaFX trading platform. You have some of the most lucrative cannabis stocks available for trading with GigaFX such as Cronos Group Inc., GW Pharmaceuticals, and many more.


This is yet another type of asset that most of the online brokers have not included in their asset indices. They are hesitant to make this move because of the risks involved. The prices of cryptocurrencies can go up and down significantly all within a day. This puts the brokers’ interests at risk because with certain moves, the traders can make a lot of money. On the other hand, you have a broker like GigaFX where you can trade cryptocurrencies the way you want. There is no restriction on the moves you make or the positions you take on your trades. You can go long or short however you think you will profit from the trade.

The best thing is that you are still able to enjoy some great leverages when you trade cryptocurrencies with GigaFX. With leverage, you can trade the most valuable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum without putting too much weight on your wallet. You are going to love the fact that you can trade quite a few different types of digital coins with GigaFX. In addition to ethereum and bitcoin, you can also trade ripple, monero, bitcoin gold, litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies that you think will suit your trading style.

GigaFX and Trader Accounts

Whether trading will be easy for you to or difficult depends on the features your broker offers you within the account types. The amazing thing about opening an account with GigaFX is that you can choose from four different types. Each account type has some features that are better than the other account. You have to make your pick after proper consideration. The basic trading training and access to the best trading platform i.e. MT4, is included with every single account. At the same time, you will also take advantage of the services from a personal account manager even if you go with the most basic account called Starters.

In the starter account, you have your spreads fixed. On the other hand, you can go with any of the three accounts if you want to enjoy the benefits of varying spreads. Leverages are included with each account type. The leverage is bigger for advanced account types because of the risks involved when you use this option. What you are going to love about the accounts offered by GigaFX is that the broker does not put any limit on your trading strategies. If you want to minimize your losses through hedging, you can do that irrespective of the account you choose.

GigaFX and Ease of Trading

Does GigaFX make trading easy for you? Yes, this broker definitely understands what features matter to the traders. First, you are going to get leverage with each account type, allowing you to enter big trades no matter how small your budget is. In addition to that, you don’t have to pay any kind of commissions when you trade. There are not trading fees involved either. All you have to worry about is the spreads. Just look at the spreads at the time of entering the trades and that’s how you are going to calculate your profits and losses. There are many other options that make trading with GigaFX the easiest form of trading. For example, if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can take advantage of crypto wallet deposits. Yes, you can now use a crypto wallet to drop your bitcoins from your wallet right into your online trading account with GigaFX.

GigaFX and Customer Support

Last but not least, you have the professional customer support from the broker that’s available whenever you need help. Whether you are having troubles with fund deposits and withdrawals or you want to know something about the trading platform, you can ask professionals for help. You can send an email to the company if you are not in a hurry. However, if you want your issue to be resolved on an urgent basis, you can use the phone number available on the website to get in touch with a rep from the company. You have professionals answering your questions 24/5.

Bottom Line

So, it will not be wrong to say that the promises made by GigaFX are quite true. The broker has worked on all the features that make the lives of the traders easy. With small initial deposits, big leverages, and transparent spreads without any hidden fees, you can join the GigaFX trading platform as a new trader without any worries. Once you have opened an account with the broker, you will also get access to many trading tools for free which will help you with successful trades. So, if you want to start your trading career without worrying about commissions and trading fees, you should definitely give GigaFX a shot.